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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Unfinished things...

I started painting this image of a little girl and a kitten, I did it out of impulse really, I just really wanted to paint something, but I got a bit fed up with it and so it ended up unfinished, with no real purpose or meaning. But I quite like it anyway, and thouht I might as well upload it.

I also started another painting which I havent finished. I decided that I didnt like it, and so stopped painting. I like the sketch I first did, but the painting adapted and changed, and Ive grown to really dislike it. Thats why the hand is unfinished and blocked in with colour,

I think I need to spend more time drawing over and over, to get the sketch right first. But sometimes when I paint a sketch it ends up nothing like I imagined it would when painted. I think thats what happened with this piece. I guess you have to make mistakes and dislike things as a learning process, so its not all bad!

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