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I am a recently graduated Illustration student receiving a First Class honours Degree in my field, from the University of Lincoln, I love acrylic paint, flowers and the 1970s.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Time for Tea!

Here's another painting that Ive done recently, that I've played around with as well.

'Time for Tea!'

Coffee and Cake

Well, Ive been pretty busy trying to get rid of my University overdraft. So I've been working on a farm quite alot. 

But here are a few bits and bobs of things I'm up to,
I love acrylic painting but I thought I'd try and mess
around with a few photoshop filters, just to see
what happens.

Hopefully, I can find a way of working that might
make my work more appropriate for certain editorial publications.

'Coffee and Cake Lady'