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I am a recently graduated Illustration student receiving a First Class honours Degree in my field, from the University of Lincoln, I love acrylic paint, flowers and the 1970s.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Negotiated Unit

Ive completed two paintings for the negotiated unit. One of them is a character i've revisited from last years units. These two paintings relate to the characters of 'Captain Cat' and 'Bessie Bighead' from Dylan Thomas's radio play Under milkwood.

Captain Cat...

"Captain Cat, the retired blind sea-captain, asleep in his
bunk in the seashelled, ship-in-bottled, shipshape best
cabin of Schooner House dreams of


never such seas as any that swamped the decks of his _S.S.
Kidwelly_ bellying over the bedclothes and jellyfish-slippery
sucking him down salt deep into the Davy dark where the fish
come biting out and nibble him down to his wishbone, and
the long drowned nuzzle up to him."

Bessie Bighead....

"Alone until she dies, Bessie Bighead, hired help, born in
the workhouse, smelling of the cowshed, snores bass and
gruff on a couch of straw in a loft in Salt Lake Farm and
picks a posy of daisies in Sunday Meadow to put on the grave
of Gomer Owen who kissed her once by the pig-sty when she
wasn't looking and never kissed her again although she was
looking all the time "

I think the Bessie Bighead needs altering in photoshop, the scan doesnt reflect the colours of the actual piece very well, and this image looks really dark, so im going to play about with colour and brightness levels in photoshop to try and get the image looking better...