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I am a recently graduated Illustration student receiving a First Class honours Degree in my field, from the University of Lincoln, I love acrylic paint, flowers and the 1970s.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

London Internship news!

After a crazy september getting a job and meeting lots of lovely new people, I have more exciting news to blog about.

Im a really bad blogger, and dont keep this updated at all.

The first exciting news is that I found a lovely place that Giclee prints my artwork, Its called Decormount and they are really focused and couldnt be more helpful. you can find them here http://www.decormount.com/.

They also mount it for me, and have it wrapped and sealed- ready to sell. I currently have two local shops selling limited edition prints of my work. Which is good news.

The more exciting news, is that i'm currently staying in London after being accepted by The Bright group International as part of thier Internship scheme.


The Bright Group is split into four divisons,  Bright Art Licensing,  Bright Art buying, Bright Literary Agency and the Bright Agency.

They look after Artists and Illustrators and help push and promote thier artwork on a global scale.

Its been a real whirlwind week, moving down, traveling and meeting the whole team. But everyone is welcoming and friendly and its really insightful to be there. I'm learning alot each day that I'm there. Hopefully the knowlege will help me push forward, and really motivate me to create more Illustrations that are current and commerical.

Ive been designing portfolio sheets, as well as helping design a charity christmas card. Ive also been helping the Designer of the 2013 publishing calendar. Its a brilliant atmosphere, where everyone is really focused and dedicated to thier artists.

I'm going to try and keep this blog more updated with all the news and everything I'm learning at Bright.


  1. This is great news! Good luck with it all.

    1. Thankyou Joe! How are things with you?, hope your well! :)

    2. Things are good. Had that one commission, a christmas card design bought, and i'm doing a lot of prospective work through a licensing agency, so I hope that comes to something. Guna take much more effort though.