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I am a recently graduated Illustration student receiving a First Class honours Degree in my field, from the University of Lincoln, I love acrylic paint, flowers and the 1970s.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Unleashed: The Best in the North 2012

Two Of my Illustrations are going to be exhibited and up for sale in Manchester...

These being 'Captain Cats Drean' and 'The Round Queen'

If your in Manchester or near abouts from now  to  the 31st August, there are some wonderful Illustrations being exhibited at

Mr Thomas’s Chop House, 52 Cross Street, Manchester M2 7AR

The Exhibition is titled 'Unleashed: The Best in the North' and the walls of the chop house will be the hanging place of many artworks from Illustration Undergraduates from Northern art schools.

 The proceeds from the sale of artwork are divided between students and a Charity. This being the North West Air Ambulance. The event raised £14,000 for the charity last year.

On the 14th July prizes will be awarded and there will be a Charity Auction of work. Shortlisted entrants have already been displayed on the events facebook page.

I wasnt sure if my work would definately be included and hung, but after an email, I can confirm that yes they will!

So if you want to see some of the lovely Illustration from talented Undergraduates, then head down to the event!

Link for the Chop House:


Event Webpage:


Behance network and Linkedin

Im trying to figure out how to push myself and get my work seen more, self promoting myself is not my strongest point so far, but I'm trying to get better. I've set up an online portfolio with the Behance network, and I've discovered what a wonderful place it is.

I've been really motivated and inspired by all the amazing work on there, and feel at home browsing through all the talented portfolios.

Anyways, if you fancy a peek at my Portfolio, here's the link


You can also find me on Linkedin, although I still havent got my head around how the site works. Maybe I'm not the brightest button!


Getting Used to Life back home

I think Im missing my workspace at Lincoln. I had free roam of a beautiful listed building, and I loved my studio...

Now I have a modest desk back home, to work on, at least I dont have to take flasks of coffee to the studio anymore. The kettle's just downstairs.

 On a brighter note, I received my Illustration Degree results on monday and am now the proud owner of a 1st Class Honours Degree. All that late night doodling paid off.

First Update in a while- The End of year Show

I havent been on this blog for ages and made any updates, and I figured this is not a healthy way of keeping an online presence.

So heres my first update in a while,

After moving back home from University, theres been lots of things that ive had to sort out, and I'm finally starting to sort through things and settle in. But theres still so much I need to do, so that I can sort myself out and get stuck into Illustration again!

Well I thought I'd upload a few pictures from The End of Year Degree Show at Lincoln Univeristy. I'm a bit sad to be leaving, but looking forward to new things.