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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sock it to me Comp

I did this Competition piece whilst playing around on photoshop and waiting for my two media friends to finish editing on the macs in the media suite.

It turned out to be a good exercise in practising photoshop skills. I basically re used a character i completed as part of our summer project at the very beginning of third year.

The character I chose was the 'Fox' inspired by the tesselations of MC Escher, with alot of help from my brother I managed to come up with this Fox.  The character on its own looks quite weak, and simple and a little un -interesting. But what I was aiming for when I created the character was it to work as a pattern, so that it could be repeated and tesselated. It never looked right on its own, and the thought behind it seemed wasted somehow.

This Compeition enabled me to develop this idea, Ive had to tweak the fox a little to make it tesselate, and alter the colours to block colours and add/ remove bits. But you get the general Idea. This could be improved so much with a little work. So hopefully, with a little playing around i'll make better. But at the minute.... its looking like this....

Original Fox from summer project.

Sock it to me Comp....

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