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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Piece for Under Milkwood

Here's another image I've painted for my final Unit,  this time the characters are


I wanted to make a simple image, and I tried not to put too many different visual elements in the piece. I looked specifically at these lines, but decided to include and not include certain information. For instance I havent illustrated the sheep knitting.                     

And high above, in Salt Lake Farm, Mr Utah Watkins counts,
all night, the wife-faced sheep as they leap the knees on
the hill, smiling and knitting and bleating just like Mrs
Utah Watkins.

        UTAH WATKINS (_Yawning_)

Thirty - four, thirty - five, thirty - six, forty - eight,

        MRS UTAH WATKINS (_Bleating_)

Knit one slip one
Knit two together
Pass the slipstitch over...

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