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Sunday, 29 January 2012

East Midlands Healthcare Competition

After much stressing Ive managed to complete another competition piece for an East Midlands Healthcare Competition.

I didnt realise the deadling was so soon, and so I've been stressing a little, but managed to get it done just in time, I'm going to send tomorrow morning.

The Compeition required you to select a topic relevant to healthcare and the Sciences, and then produce an artistic response to your desired topic.

After Suffering from frequent migraines from an early age, as well as witnessing my mother suffer from the condition,  I wanted to highlight the condition and produce a piece that demonstrated the sensitivity to light and sound when experiencing a Migraine.

I wanted to do this in a charming and playful way, and put across my thoughts without appearing to dark and miserable. For this I chose to use visual signifiers that represent the ideas hopefully, in a visually attractive and playful way.

I chose to use a monkey and symbols to represent the sensitivity to sound, an angle poise lamp to represent sensitivity to light and a woodpecker to put across the thumping and repetivitive pain felt in the head.

I choose a colour scheme, that I hoped would be quite limited in colour, but the piece ended up, being alot more colourful than I originally imagined.

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