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I am a recently graduated Illustration student receiving a First Class honours Degree in my field, from the University of Lincoln, I love acrylic paint, flowers and the 1970s.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Pocko and the new year

My Internship with Bright, has come to end, and Im very grateful for everything Ive learnt about the industry while being with them. I'm also really looking forward to receiving an Art licensing calendar, and a Pubishing Calendar as I had alot of responsibilty in the design process of both. So I'll keep my eyes peeled for the postman!

In other news, after a while getting lost in central London, I managed to find the creative space of POCKO, an agency representing artists, photographers, illustrators and lovely creative types.

I had a meeting with a lovely guy there, about an Internship in Feburary. He showed me portfolios of some of thier leading Illustrators which where beautiful, neat and so well put together, I felt quite ashamed of my shabby looking Uni one!

I got some great feedback about my portfolio, and Im really really depserate to create some new work for different markets and audiences.

I just need to get stuck in, and when Feburary comes around, get inspired and fuelled by all the great work i'll be seeing Interning there.

So thats exciting, I just feel like I need to find out who I am and where I want to go with future work, and I feel i can only do this if i'm surrounded by other fresh work, and the right environment. So im harrassing everybody to let me Intern with them!

you can see the wonderfull things POCKO do here : http://www.pocko.com/

I also managed to speak to Mark Smith, a Designer based in Old Street,London. Who is the friend of my lovely new found friend Lisa.

Mark was extremely helpful, and gave great advice about who to get involved with and how to bombard people with my work, his company have worked on many successful projects which you can see on his website here : http://www.marksmithdesign.com/

So all in all, I'm excited for the new year, and what it will bring, and hope to meet many more people helpful and inspiring creatives, and I think my work can only benefit from it!

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Feature on Creative Boom :)

The Online Magazine and community of Creative boom, have recently featured my artwork under thier 'Inspiration' section under Illustration.

you can find my work, and the site here http://creativeboom.co.uk/inspiration/sarah-galley/


The site is a brilliant resource for creatives, and has job features, interviews and exhibtion updates.

Its great news! and is another thing keeping me motivated and wanting to produce more work.

The only thing thats frustrating me is its all old work, and I'm itching so much to get some new designs and Illustrations done. But after the communte through London each day, I'm exhausted. I shouldnt make excuses though, Ive been doodling on my dinner hour, so I'm hoping new and fresh work will be on its way.

I definately think that the time I'm spending in London is fuelling my desire to want to push forward even more with my Illustrations. Its helping me to focus on the areas I want to improve and making me evauate where I want to go with my artwork, which is good.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

London Internship news!

After a crazy september getting a job and meeting lots of lovely new people, I have more exciting news to blog about.

Im a really bad blogger, and dont keep this updated at all.

The first exciting news is that I found a lovely place that Giclee prints my artwork, Its called Decormount and they are really focused and couldnt be more helpful. you can find them here http://www.decormount.com/.

They also mount it for me, and have it wrapped and sealed- ready to sell. I currently have two local shops selling limited edition prints of my work. Which is good news.

The more exciting news, is that i'm currently staying in London after being accepted by The Bright group International as part of thier Internship scheme.


The Bright Group is split into four divisons,  Bright Art Licensing,  Bright Art buying, Bright Literary Agency and the Bright Agency.

They look after Artists and Illustrators and help push and promote thier artwork on a global scale.

Its been a real whirlwind week, moving down, traveling and meeting the whole team. But everyone is welcoming and friendly and its really insightful to be there. I'm learning alot each day that I'm there. Hopefully the knowlege will help me push forward, and really motivate me to create more Illustrations that are current and commerical.

Ive been designing portfolio sheets, as well as helping design a charity christmas card. Ive also been helping the Designer of the 2013 publishing calendar. Its a brilliant atmosphere, where everyone is really focused and dedicated to thier artists.

I'm going to try and keep this blog more updated with all the news and everything I'm learning at Bright.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Time for Tea!

Here's another painting that Ive done recently, that I've played around with as well.

'Time for Tea!'

Coffee and Cake

Well, Ive been pretty busy trying to get rid of my University overdraft. So I've been working on a farm quite alot. 

But here are a few bits and bobs of things I'm up to,
I love acrylic painting but I thought I'd try and mess
around with a few photoshop filters, just to see
what happens.

Hopefully, I can find a way of working that might
make my work more appropriate for certain editorial publications.

'Coffee and Cake Lady'

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Unleashed: The Best in the North 2012

Two Of my Illustrations are going to be exhibited and up for sale in Manchester...

These being 'Captain Cats Drean' and 'The Round Queen'

If your in Manchester or near abouts from now  to  the 31st August, there are some wonderful Illustrations being exhibited at

Mr Thomas’s Chop House, 52 Cross Street, Manchester M2 7AR

The Exhibition is titled 'Unleashed: The Best in the North' and the walls of the chop house will be the hanging place of many artworks from Illustration Undergraduates from Northern art schools.

 The proceeds from the sale of artwork are divided between students and a Charity. This being the North West Air Ambulance. The event raised £14,000 for the charity last year.

On the 14th July prizes will be awarded and there will be a Charity Auction of work. Shortlisted entrants have already been displayed on the events facebook page.

I wasnt sure if my work would definately be included and hung, but after an email, I can confirm that yes they will!

So if you want to see some of the lovely Illustration from talented Undergraduates, then head down to the event!

Link for the Chop House:


Event Webpage:


Behance network and Linkedin

Im trying to figure out how to push myself and get my work seen more, self promoting myself is not my strongest point so far, but I'm trying to get better. I've set up an online portfolio with the Behance network, and I've discovered what a wonderful place it is.

I've been really motivated and inspired by all the amazing work on there, and feel at home browsing through all the talented portfolios.

Anyways, if you fancy a peek at my Portfolio, here's the link


You can also find me on Linkedin, although I still havent got my head around how the site works. Maybe I'm not the brightest button!


Getting Used to Life back home

I think Im missing my workspace at Lincoln. I had free roam of a beautiful listed building, and I loved my studio...

Now I have a modest desk back home, to work on, at least I dont have to take flasks of coffee to the studio anymore. The kettle's just downstairs.

 On a brighter note, I received my Illustration Degree results on monday and am now the proud owner of a 1st Class Honours Degree. All that late night doodling paid off.

First Update in a while- The End of year Show

I havent been on this blog for ages and made any updates, and I figured this is not a healthy way of keeping an online presence.

So heres my first update in a while,

After moving back home from University, theres been lots of things that ive had to sort out, and I'm finally starting to sort through things and settle in. But theres still so much I need to do, so that I can sort myself out and get stuck into Illustration again!

Well I thought I'd upload a few pictures from The End of Year Degree Show at Lincoln Univeristy. I'm a bit sad to be leaving, but looking forward to new things.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Business Cards :)

Heres a look at some Business Cards I've had printed for the show. I picked them up on tuesday. The Image is taken from a piece of work from my negotiated unit, and is a cropped image of 'Captain Cat's' window.




After much Stressing and running around its nearly time to sigh a big sigh of relief as the last bits of my final degree show are being put together. I went and had a few postcards and business cards printed for people to take away at the show.  I re-used and cropped some of my favourite imagery, heres a peak at my postcard.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Merz Box Exhibition at Bristol

I didnt upload the photograph of this piece of work in an exhibition, Or update my blog as regards to this piece of work. But thought it might be a good thing to let people know, that a Piece of work I created as a response to Kurt Schwitters Tales, is on display at an exhibtion, for the Case Room Press. Which is being currently exhibited at the University of West England, Bristol. The Show has been on display since Friday 13 April, and ends on Wednesday 30 May 2012.

The piece was for the story, 'The Flat and the Round Painter', and is an acrylic painting with gold leaf detail, which is also in a previous blog post.

Here is a picture of it in the exhibtion, with other lovely work from talented Illustrators and crafts people.

My piece is in the bottom right corner.

I won something :)

I won an award for my piece for Medilink East midlands Healthcare, back in March, but never got around to posting pictures or uploading anything for it. The Competition was titled

'Where Art Meets Science'

and I based my image around the symptoms of Migraine. You may remember the piece from a previous blog post.

After being shortlisted as a finalist,  me and two other talented ladies won Crystal Awards and Certificates at a lovely Awards ceremony at Bio City, in Nottingham in March.

here are a few pictures taken at the Event.

 Me with my Award, My Course tutor Howard Pemberton, and a fellow Lincoln University Graduate, and winner, Faith Wibberley.

This is a Photograph of the three winners, and Medilink's  Director and Sponsor

Me with my Painting.

For more information,  you can visit these sites:

More Updates!

Here are some character paintings for the Negotiated unit that I haven't had chance to upload yet. These are for the Characters 'Polly Garter' and 'Ocky Milkman'.

Polly Garter

Ocky Milkman

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Updates- Mr and Mrs Willy Nilly

I'm just quickly adding a few updates at Uni, as the internet connection is alot faster.  Unfortunately Ive left my USB with other work on at home, so I'll update with more work again soon. But For now, here's two more characters for my Negotiated Project, Under Milkwood.

The Postman - Mr Willy Nilly

Mrs Willy Nilly

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Triumph Bra Compeition

Well I know I'm too late for entering this Compeition but I liked the brief and thought I'd have a go at it any way. I havent uploaded anything for ages on here, thats mainly because Ive been stupidly working on three projects at once, this one, another character for Under Milkwood, and a book cover, and I've been getting in a right muddle. This seems to have swallowed up alot of my time too...I know it needs editing and altering and making a little better, but I thought I'd let people see what I was up to. I want to add borders around certain bits, and I need to make the colours and the contrast of the painted areas a little better. Im still getting my head around photoshop....But hopefully, you'll see this looking better and more polished and proffesional looking soon! I think I need a break from it.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sock it to me Comp

I did this Competition piece whilst playing around on photoshop and waiting for my two media friends to finish editing on the macs in the media suite.

It turned out to be a good exercise in practising photoshop skills. I basically re used a character i completed as part of our summer project at the very beginning of third year.

The character I chose was the 'Fox' inspired by the tesselations of MC Escher, with alot of help from my brother I managed to come up with this Fox.  The character on its own looks quite weak, and simple and a little un -interesting. But what I was aiming for when I created the character was it to work as a pattern, so that it could be repeated and tesselated. It never looked right on its own, and the thought behind it seemed wasted somehow.

This Compeition enabled me to develop this idea, Ive had to tweak the fox a little to make it tesselate, and alter the colours to block colours and add/ remove bits. But you get the general Idea. This could be improved so much with a little work. So hopefully, with a little playing around i'll make better. But at the minute.... its looking like this....

Original Fox from summer project.

Sock it to me Comp....

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Another Piece for Under Milkwood

Here's another image I've painted for my final Unit,  this time the characters are


I wanted to make a simple image, and I tried not to put too many different visual elements in the piece. I looked specifically at these lines, but decided to include and not include certain information. For instance I havent illustrated the sheep knitting.                     

And high above, in Salt Lake Farm, Mr Utah Watkins counts,
all night, the wife-faced sheep as they leap the knees on
the hill, smiling and knitting and bleating just like Mrs
Utah Watkins.

        UTAH WATKINS (_Yawning_)

Thirty - four, thirty - five, thirty - six, forty - eight,

        MRS UTAH WATKINS (_Bleating_)

Knit one slip one
Knit two together
Pass the slipstitch over...

Monday, 26 March 2012

More Under Milk wood Illustrations

Ive had these done for a bit, but have only just got around to scanning them. I'm really terrible at Blogging. I really should think about making my blog more up to date, neater, and maybe sort out a hand drawn banner. So hopefully I'll sort it all out soon.



Heres my Illustration for the character of 'Evans The Death',  The Under taker From Dylan Thomas' Under Milkwood. I wanted to use less colours in this piece, and keep them quite limited, although I was tempted to paint a stripy scarf on the snowman, im glad I havent. I have a habit of trying to cram too much into one piece sometimes.

I Interpreted the lines...

"laughs high and aloud in his sleep and curls up his toes as he sees, upon waking fifty years ago, snow lie deep on the goosefield behind the sleeping house ; and he runs out into the field where his mother is making welsh-cakes in the snow, and steals a fistful of snowflakes and currants and climbs back to bed to eat them cold and sweet under the warm, white clothes while his mother dances in the snow kitchen crying out for her lost currants..."


I've also painted another character image for 'Miss Price'. I wanted the image to contain imagery that related to her lover 'Mr Edwards' as well.  In the play, the two never meet and their love is expressed through letters which they send to each other...the text in the letters is laden with imagery,and I tried to represent alot of this in this image, however with hind sight it does look rather busy.

The lines I took for Inspiration Include...

..."her lover, tall as the town clock tower..."

... "I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity, crash and merino, tussore, cretonne, crepon, muslin, poplin, ticking and twill in the whole Cloth Hall of the world..."

... "I will warm the sheets like an electric toaster, I will lie by your side like the Sunday roast..."

..."I will knit you a wallet of forget-me-not blue, for the money, to be comfy. I will warm your heart by the fire so that you can slip it in under your vest when the shop is closed "...

..." before the mice gnaw at your bottom drawer"...

Friday, 24 February 2012

Negotiated Unit

Ive completed two paintings for the negotiated unit. One of them is a character i've revisited from last years units. These two paintings relate to the characters of 'Captain Cat' and 'Bessie Bighead' from Dylan Thomas's radio play Under milkwood.

Captain Cat...

"Captain Cat, the retired blind sea-captain, asleep in his
bunk in the seashelled, ship-in-bottled, shipshape best
cabin of Schooner House dreams of


never such seas as any that swamped the decks of his _S.S.
Kidwelly_ bellying over the bedclothes and jellyfish-slippery
sucking him down salt deep into the Davy dark where the fish
come biting out and nibble him down to his wishbone, and
the long drowned nuzzle up to him."

Bessie Bighead....

"Alone until she dies, Bessie Bighead, hired help, born in
the workhouse, smelling of the cowshed, snores bass and
gruff on a couch of straw in a loft in Salt Lake Farm and
picks a posy of daisies in Sunday Meadow to put on the grave
of Gomer Owen who kissed her once by the pig-sty when she
wasn't looking and never kissed her again although she was
looking all the time "

I think the Bessie Bighead needs altering in photoshop, the scan doesnt reflect the colours of the actual piece very well, and this image looks really dark, so im going to play about with colour and brightness levels in photoshop to try and get the image looking better...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

East Midlands Healthcare Competition

After much stressing Ive managed to complete another competition piece for an East Midlands Healthcare Competition.

I didnt realise the deadling was so soon, and so I've been stressing a little, but managed to get it done just in time, I'm going to send tomorrow morning.

The Compeition required you to select a topic relevant to healthcare and the Sciences, and then produce an artistic response to your desired topic.

After Suffering from frequent migraines from an early age, as well as witnessing my mother suffer from the condition,  I wanted to highlight the condition and produce a piece that demonstrated the sensitivity to light and sound when experiencing a Migraine.

I wanted to do this in a charming and playful way, and put across my thoughts without appearing to dark and miserable. For this I chose to use visual signifiers that represent the ideas hopefully, in a visually attractive and playful way.

I chose to use a monkey and symbols to represent the sensitivity to sound, an angle poise lamp to represent sensitivity to light and a woodpecker to put across the thumping and repetivitive pain felt in the head.

I choose a colour scheme, that I hoped would be quite limited in colour, but the piece ended up, being alot more colourful than I originally imagined.

Merz box Competition

Ive been trying to upload this for ages! But the internet where I live has been having problems, so Ive decided to take a trip to the library to upload this post!

I have worked on a piece for a competition involving  short stories by Kurt shcwitters. The story that was given to me is called 'The Flat and the Round Painter'. I decided to focus on a few lines of the story rather than trying to sum up the whole story. Im not sure if this was a good idea or not, but I wanted to limit myself to one area, so that I could create something highly crafted and further develop my painting skills.
For this I chose to do a portrait of one of the characters mentioned in my story. I chose to Illustrate the 'Queen' character.

I focused on the lines :

So he painted a queen. She had an enormous velvet skirt on her legs, and a crown on her head, and a shock of hair under the crown, which looked like a cake, so beautifully was it done

My response is heavily influenced by lowbrow/ pop surrealism, especially the work of Mark Ryden and Ana Bagayan.

This image is a scan, and the final image has gold leaf along the crown of the queen, however it wouldnt show up on the scan, so I did this after scanning. As the piece is a crafted artifact, rather than being produced for print, I thought it would be a nice idea to add the gold leaf, and make the piece more decorative.

The Image will be housed in a wooden frame, which has a door on it. Ive already sourced a lovely ornate brass handle for the door, Im just waiting for the frame to put together and assembled by my carpenter other half.

I'm then going to paint relevant royal signifers and imagery appropriate to the piece on the door. Just in time for the hand in, which I think is around april, so Ive got a bit of time to play around with imagery to paint onto the door!... I'll keep you posted.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Competition work -'The bloody chamber and other stories ' by Angela Carter

Competition Work

Over the Christmas period, Ive been doing some work for the Folio Society's book competition. I had to pick at least 25 lines from three prescribed stories, and then illustrate the text i'd chosen. I also had to produce a book binding draft.  All the work is for Angela Carter's book, 'The Bloody Chamber and other Stories'. 

Th Bloody Chamber

'What is that  key?' I demanded for his chaffing had made me bold'.

Puss in Boots

'Dear god!' the lady says, and jumps. I see, too, ah, sentimental thing! clutches a well- thumbed letter.'Puss in Boots!'

The Company of Wolves

'See! sweet and sound she sleeps in granny's bed, between the paws of the tender wolf.'